Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tips for surviving holiday road trips--and bonus deal from Hertz

The holiday season is fast approaching, which means people are getting ready to pack their bags and travel. Whether you’re visiting loved ones or taking a winter vacation, disaster may be just an exit away when everyone piles into the car for a long road trip.  Stress from the flurry of activity before leaving, bodies trapped immobile for hours in a moving vehicle, and uncertainty about what you’ll find on arriving at your destination can all add tension to the trip.
These tips will help keep the fun in family travel.
Before you go
  • Choose destinations with something for everyone.  Include educational opportunities, shopping, outdoor activities, and sports.
  • Budget extra time, so you can enjoy the journey.
  • Be open to spur-of-the-moment stops, if you see something irresistible along the way
  • Plan the trip with extended family; it’s a great way to bond with grandparents or cousins.
 Plan for holiday driving
  • If you need to rent a vehicle, book early, pre-pay, or join a loyalty program to save money.
  • Use a GPS device for easier driving in an unfamiliar city and tips on roads to avoid during holiday parades.
  • Pack gifts in the trunk of your vehicle to avoid theft
  • Chill. You’ll get there soon enough, so don’t stress over less-than-ideal conditions
  • Leave work at the office—clear your calendar and your mind. 
  • Turn off electronic devices that demand attention.
  • Stay in the moment so distractions won’t zap family time.
  • Ditch your watch and slow down; go with the flow.
  • Murski Homestead Bed and Breakfast near Brenham,
    Texas provides escape from holiday hustle.
    Photo by Larry Burmeier
  • Stash the DVDs and talk to each other while in the car.
  • Share thoughts about the day’s activities during meal times.
  • Approach activities and see things from your child’s point of view.
 At your destination
  • Stay in a bed and breakfast or family-friendly hotel to lessen the stress of imposing on friends and relatives.
  • Savor quiet moments, and treasure private time with children or spouse.
  • Get a fresh outlook on your life and family while away from regular routines.
  • Relax. Time passes too quickly to get uptight about anything.

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