Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learn about Tudors on cultural and heritage excursions in England

by guest contributor Robin Dilley 

When Ambient Tours, a division of UK based Ambient Events Limited, decided to develop a range of tours for baby boomers, they discovered a great interest in the culture and heritage of the Tudors.

The Tudor period was one of the most influential in England’s long and turbulent history. Not only do the exploits of the  Tudor kings and queens continue to enthral, as demonstrated by many recent films and a TV series but also the rich cultural heritage of many other famous Tudors can be seen in the fine castles and country houses that they built and lived in, the discoveries they made and the battles they won. The art that they created and the books and plays that they wrote are still admired, read and produced all over the world.

After two years, thousands of miles travelled, scores of hotels, restaurants and historical venues visited, specialist guides interviewed and historic documents consulted, the On the Trail of the Tudors concept finally emerged with four uniquely themed tour packages giving visitors an authentic flavour of England during Tudor times.

Tours include visits to the actual places where the key historical events took place. 

  • One tour relives the scandals and intrigues surrounding the Tudor Monarchs
  • Another explains more about the Influential Tudors whose decisions and actions shaped history. 
  • A third tour tells the stories of fortitude that drove the Tudor Adventurers and Explorers to defeat their enemies and discover new lands. 
  • The final tour examines the lives and times of the Tudor Poets and Playwrights at the places they lived, studied, performed and wrote their great masterpieces.
Itineraries allow time to relax and enjoy the scenery, either when travelling in luxury, air conditioned coaches, or on reaching the final destinations. Hotels, restaurants and bars have been specially selected because of the ambience of their surroundings, the excellence of their service and quality of their food.

On the trail of the Tudors packages are designed to appeal to groups of couples or single people who are interested in cultural heritage and want to improve their knowledge of Tudor times while travelling through the beautiful English countryside. Group sizes range from 20 to 30 people.

Tours start in March 2011. More information on content of each tour, prices, online brochures and itineraries and booking forms can be found on the Ambient Tours web site.

For more information contact Ann Herdman, Ambient Tours

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