Sunday, February 20, 2011

Striped Pot travelzine steadily increases readership

A colorful striped pot gives the travelzine its distinctive logo.
Striped Pot: Where you go when you want to know.

You're invited to check out Striped Pot, a boutique online travel magazine that launched on October 1, 2010.  Since that time readership has increased each month in both gross views and unique reader views.

Striped Pot's mission is to provide the traveling public with high quality, comprehensive articles on both domestic and international travel. It aims to stimulate interest in travel with highly readable articles and excellent photography for travel destinations, accommodations, activities, and events.  Content on Striped Pot is both timely (continuously updated) and evergreen, and searching for a desired topic on the web site is easy. 

Many of the authors are award-winning freelance writers in both print and online. Authors include Inga Aksamit, Beverly Burmeier, Terri Colby, Patty Davis, Patricia Florio, Wanda Hennig, PatsyBell Hobson, Gail Hunter, Jodie Jacobs, Carlanne McCrystal, Nancy Pistorius, Sue Richter, Elizabeth Rose, Fran Severn, and Mira Temkin.

Additional information and a growing cache of travel articles may be found at

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