Monday, June 6, 2011

No hassles at Walt Disney World with this guide book

If a trip to Walt DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida is on your radar, you really must do a bit of research.  The four parks are so large and the options so overwhelming--not to mention everything being quite expensive--that you need to spend time prior to your visit deciding what works best for your family or group.

Several months prior to our WDW visit with a granddaughter, I spent hours on the web site gleaning all kinds of information. But I found an easier way to check out all the basics as well as specific details is with a guide book because you don't have to continually click back and forth from one site to another--and then forget what you read on the previous site. The guide book I chose and recommend is The Hassle-Free Walt Disney World Vacation 2011 by Steven M. Barrett.

This has proved an invaluable guide, especially with the flexible touring plans Barrett includes for families with small children, older children, adults, and seniors.  Barrett has done all the organizing while giving options for personalizing these plans.  He not only tells what rides or attractions are the most popular with each group, but he also tells which ones generally have no wait, where the least crowded restrooms are, good places to eat in each park, and even places to rest during the day.  

Maps are clear and easy to read, and the layout of the book makes good sense. Pictures provide additional interest while general tips on lodging and touring help the reader stay on track during the planning process.  

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