Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peruvian Amazon--the rainforest experience of a lifetime

Mike Langford, a South African living in Cusco, Peru, writes today’s guest blog. He’s a photographer, environmentalist, and owner of Tambopata Travel tour company which promotes responsible travel to the Tambopata rainforest region.

Rainforest Experience in Peru

Many travellers to South America don’t realize that the unspoilt Peruvian Amazon is within a few hours travel from Cusco, heart of the Inca Empire & the gateway to Machu Picchu.

Forest tree giants over fifty metres (164 feet) in height, world records for the numbers of birds, butterflies and dragonflies amongst others, seven species of monkeys, intact populations of endangered species such as the giant river otter, jaguar, black caiman and harpy eagle – they’re all here.

We’re not talking about roughing it either. Comfortable award-winning lodges are on hand to take care of you with amazing food, a range of activities and quality of guiding all contributing to making your trip unforgettable.

The Tambopata River opens up before you and adventure beckons. As you enjoy wonderful river journeys the stress of modern living diminishes with each meander until you are one with nature in all its splendour and your soul is invigorated. Floating on a tranquil lake you breathe in and realise you have fulfilled a lifelong ambition to go to the rainforest. Standing atop a canopy-high tower the panorama takes your breath away. Walking along jungle trails your senses are awakened as you observe incredible wildlife.

All this is good enough, but today’s environmentally conscious traveller does not simply want to experience unspoilt nature; they need to know that their trip is actually making a contribution to local conservation efforts and making a contribution towards local communities that value their natural and cultural heritage.

Making a travel decision can be difficult and complex because there’s a bewildering array of tour offerings with both reliable and unreliable operators plus a range of service levels not always reflected in the pricing. How do you find the ideal, good value rainforest trip while being confident that you will contribute towards local conservation and cultural awareness efforts at the same time?

With my experience in the region I decided to address this need and Tambopata Travel was born to cater to independent, group or family travellers. The idea was to offer personalised service and no automated booking forms, but a discussion of your needs and expectations. You can use the suggested itineraries on the website as an end in themselves or as a starting point to be tailored to your requirements or special interests.

So there you have it, the ideal addition to any Cusco trip – fly to Puerto Maldonado only thirty minutes away, and be prepared for the rainforest experience of a lifetime beginning on arrival.
Flight from Peruvian Amazon to the Andes

My aim through Tambopata Travel and through my photography is to share the wonders of nature with as many interested and like-minded people as possible in the hope of spreading the word on the need for conservation, cultural respect and local economy support. Sustainable development is a phrase often over-utilised and not understood, but it is the only way forward, and you can be a part of it by simply travelling to the Peruvian Amazon.  

Photos by Mike Langford
Visit Mike at www.tambopatatravel.com or see his photography at www.mikeonlocation.com


Walter said...


I went on a trip out of Puerto Maldonado and it was a once of a lifetime thing, indeed! Excellent travelling even during the rain season. The rain was an amazing experience in itself and there was still a lot of sun, too.

Very recommendable!

Dominique Whitman said...

Wow, sounds amazing! And the fact that you don't have to "rough it", makes it all the more appealing! Will definitely give this some thought!

Darryl Lombard said...

Sounds like a great adventure. Definitely going to add this to my bucket list. Want to have this experience sooner rather than later, and Mike sounds like the right guy to make it happen!

Philipp said...

We booked our journey to the Amazonian Rainforest for this March 2011. As we had a few special requests regarding private guide, special knowhow about amphibians etc. we were looking for individual and professional advice ... and found Mike. After many e-mails and even a meeting in Cusco we had our perfect trip designed. It was one of my best journeys I ever had. We spent a full 8 days in the rainforest, most of them in the TRC where wildlife abundance is unbelieveble numerous. I can strongly advice to book this trip with Mike. Every cent is worth spending if you're looking for something personal, individual and off the too much beaten tracks. It was really perfect from the beginning to the end! Thank you very much!!!

Susan said...

I booked this trip through Tambopata Travel and consistently received useful advice from Mike. One night there were only 4 of us tourists at TRC, which was magical realizing how deep into the Amazon Basin we were, enveloped by nature. Food was amazing, the lodges were like something out of a movie with one wall open to the jungle, bugs were not bad, guides were great & the staff really nice. I highly recommend booking this trip, wearing your old clothes, and carrying your best camera for the amazing shots you see along the way.