Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Americans prefer U.S. destinations for vacation

According to new research, the USA tops vacation destination choices for Americans.  Dubai and Bahamas Islands were next, with European destinations further down the top ten list.
National parks such as Grand Tetons are favorite destinations
for many Americans.
The study was carried out by in order to find out more about the lifestyle habits and holiday choices of US citizens, especially those looking for discounts when planning a vacation. Via email 2,852 American adults aged 18 and over took part in the survey, all of whom had booked at least one vacation during the last three years.

Incredible architecture is a calling card
in Dubai.
All respondents were first asked, “Have you been on vacation outside of the USA in the last 18 months?” to which three quarters of respondents (74%) stated that they hadn’t left the USA for a vacation in the last 18 months.
The survey then asked respondents to identify their favorite holiday destinations, places that they had been to or would like to go to in the future. The respondents were provided with a list of locations and asked to select all that applied with these preferred holiday destinations:

1.       Destinations within the USA – 68%
2.       The Bahamas Islands – 44%
3.       Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 41%
4.       London, England – 39%
5.       Cancun, Mexico – 32%
6.       Paris, France – 29%
7.       Sydney, Australia – 27%
8.       Montego Bay, Jamaica – 18%
9.       Bangkok, Thailand – 15%
10.   Vancouver, Canada – 12%

The Eiffel Tower is an icon of Paris
that people want to see.
The respondents who had selected ‘Destinations within the USA’ as one of their favourites, were then asked to provide the reasons why they liked to vacation in their home country. The majority of respondents (86%) stated that they ‘enjoy the food and culture in the USA’ or that ‘the USA has everything I want from a vacation’ (77%), while a third stated that they enjoy ‘exploring different parts of my own country’ (31%).
 “The USA is a huge country with so much to offer and something to please everyone. From beaches and great hiking places to art galleries and city skyscrapers, there is so much diversity and excitement. It’s no wonder that it tops the charts,” says Matthew Wood of vouchercloud.

If you’re looking for discounts and special offers to help make your vacation more affordable, whether in the USA or elsewhere in the world, check the website.  “Everything from shows in Vegas to dinners in NYC can be done on a budget,” Wood adds.
Kayaks and stand-up paddle boards in the shadow of Vancouver's skyline.
Information courtesy of Leanne Bryan, 10 Yetis Public Relations

Photos by Beverly Burmeier, from my own travels.

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