Monday, April 25, 2016

Kids need a national park guide, too

During this centennial year of the National Park Service, what could be a better family vacation that visiting one of America’s beautiful national parks? Plenty of special events and activities will take place, so check online for dates when planning a trip to one of these protected parcels of land. And don’t forget your National Geographic guidebook.
To make the trip even more exciting for the younger members of your family, National Geographic Kids has published a special edition of National Parks Guide U.S. A. for children ages 8-12. The book is chock full of brilliantly colored maps and photos, including double page spreads, that will appeal to all ages.  It’s the perfect book for kids—and parents—who love roaming and exploring outdoors.

Generally four pages of the guide are devoted to each park, with information about the best things to see and do, ways to discover more, and which animals visitors are likely to see. Tips from park ranger tips come in handy for your visit, too.
Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah
Parks are covered by geographical location—East, Midwest, West, and Southwest. After detailing the history and highlights of each park in lively text, the book offers suggestions for enjoying the park, whether families prefer taking it easy picnicking and riding a gondola or getting a little extreme with hiking, kayaking, or mountain biking. 

Redwoods National Park in California
It’s a fun, adventure-filled guide that will help make a visit to any of the 400 plus properties (59 national parks) under the care of the National Park Service an unforgettable experience. After reading the book, kids will have a better understanding of why the National Park Service has worked hard for 100 years to preserve and protect our country’s stunning scenery and wildlife. When children develop a love and appreciation of nature and conservation, we’ll all be better assured that these parks will remain unspoiled and amazing for many generations.
Other new children’s books timed to the 100thanniversary of the National Park System in 2016 include Junior Ranger Activity Book, packed with enriching experiences and engaging facts and photos of each park, and Buddy Bison’s Yellowstone Adventure, a fantasy story with gorgeous photos, weird facts about the park, and history of Yellowstone.

Arches National Park in Utah
If your family is planning a national park excursion—or if you’d like to pique your children’s interest in America’s amazing national parks—the kids’ version of National Parks Guide U.S. A. is one guide they will read, dog ear, and want to take along.  $14.95
Big Bend National Park in Texas
Photos by Larry and Beverly Burmeier



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