Saturday, July 1, 2017

Blooms galore at Singapore Botanic Garden

Throughout our travels all over the world, Larry and I typically look for national or city gardens to visit. Not only do we get to enjoy remarkable landscaping and colorful blooming flowers, but gardens provide a serene respite from city bustle, even if the garden is within city limits.
Water features add to the beauty of Singapore Botanic Garden
Such was the case with Singapore Botanic Gardens, located just five minutes from busy Orchard Road. A lush sanctuary in the heart of this island city (and country), Singapore Botanic Garden combines old favorites and heritage plantings with educational and discovery zones. The garden is huge, more than 202 acres, so allow plenty of time to wander and explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it’s not possible to cover every part of the garden in one visit, start with the central section which is designated as the tourist belt.

Larry is surrounded by beautiful greenery in Singapore Botanic Garden.
When founded at its present site in 1859, the Gardens were laid out in the English Landscape style. The British colonial government took over in 1874, and botanists began developing the Gardens into the important institute it has become. One of the most successful agricultural experiments carried out from the botanic garden involved the promotion of rubber, which became a major cash crop for Southeast Asia in the early 20th century. Today the Gardens are managed by the National Parks Board.
The National Orchid Garden is a highlight of any visit to Singapore.
Among the attractions and horticultural activities waiting to be discovered in Singapore Botanic Gardens is the National Orchid Garden, a virtual explosion of amazing orchid varieties and colors. It happens that high humidity makes Singapore a perfect place to grow orchids because orchids need moisture from the air. Pink, purple, gold, orange, white—orchids large and small grow on any hospitable surface in this garden. Strolling along the paths is a treat for the senses and shouldn’t be hurried.

Glorious orchids abound in Singapore
Botanic Garden.
True to the nature of this garden, the gift shop is filled with decorative items made with real flowers, often dried and preserved in brilliant hues. So it’s a good place to get beautiful souvenirs or gifts for folks back home.
We also learned that because orchids grow so bountifully in this environment, a spray of orchids in the market costs only about fifty cents. Fresh flowers are important to the culture (always bring flowers when you visit someone). As we traveled throughout Southeast Asia, we were amazed at the proliferation of gorgeous flowers in every country we visited.

Photos by Larry and Beverly Burmeier

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