Thursday, May 17, 2018

InvisaWear jewelry is your best safety device

Do you ever travel alone, either across the world or around your own city or town?
Especially if you’re a woman, you may have fears about roaming solo both in daytime and after dark. If you have those legitimate concerns, check out a new product on the market that can accelerate obtaining assistance in an emergency.

InvisaWear is a modern-age way to connect to the nearest 911 dispatcher, providing them and emergency contacts with the user’s exact location. Even better, this state of the art technology is imbedded in an attractive and discreet piece of jewelry that you can enjoy wearing while knowing you’re just an instant away from help.
Life threatening situations can develop in the most innocuous of circumstances—an Uber ride, a car that breaks down, hiking in a greenbelt or park, or traveling to unfamiliar places. With InvisaWear, your cell phone becomes the link between you and help.

Here’s how it works: The InvisaWear component uses a Bluetooth connection with a paired smartphone that is within 30 feet. First you download the free app. Then select and install up to five friends and family that you wish to be notified (These can be changed at any time through the companion app).
The component is encased by a beautiful 14K gold or silver plated charm that snaps together to hold the crucial components. Inside is a long-lasting coin cell battery, good for one year or longer depending on usage. The rear cover of the charm is equipped with advanced pressure detection to send a silent and immediate distress signal.

If you feel threatened, press on the back of the charm, and your emergency contacts will receive a text message letting them know you initiated an emergency alert and your current location. If you can’t speak, just double click the back of your device to send your location immediately to your contacts. Then, if you’re in the U.S., they can speak to 911 on your behalf.  
As long as your phone can make overseas calls, the device will work in more than 250 countries. That can give parents of traveling millenials (or children of traveling retirees) peace of mind no matter where they roam. InvisaWear only tracks your location when an emergency alert is activated, so no need to worry about having your whereabouts known during okay travel.

The InvisaWear charm is a fashionable and stylish device that can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or placed on a keychain or backpack. Having it with you every day is the best way to be prepared for unforeseen emergencies.
Smartphones running Android version 4.4+ or iPhone models running IOS 9.0+ are compatible with InvisaWear. Once purchased there are no additional fees. When the battery is low, you can order replacement components at a discount from the company.

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