Thursday, July 13, 2023

Conquering jet lag

Jet lag can turn any thrilling travel experience into a tiring ordeal. In this article, Alex Savy, founder of offers practical tips for better sleep techniques, advice for improving sleep and analysing sleep products to keep your travel experience as vigorous as possible.

1. Gradually Adjust Your Schedule

"Jet lag isn't inevitable," says Savy. He believes it's all about adjusting your internal body clock to the new time zone, something achievable with a strategic approach. His first recommendation? "Start adjusting your schedule a few days before departure." For instance, if you're traveling east, try going to bed one hour earlier each day. Conversely, if heading west, do the opposite.

2. Stay Hydrated:

Hydration is another essential component of Savy's anti-jet lag regimen. "The dry cabin air can dehydrate you, exacerbating feelings of fatigue and disorientation," he explains. He suggests avoiding alcohol and caffeine during flights, both notorious for their dehydrating effects, and instead he recommends drinking plenty of water.

3. Seek Light Exposure:

Savy also swears by the power of light exposure in resetting our internal body clocks. "After arrival, spend as much time as possible outside during daylight hours," he advises. This natural light exposure can help realign your circadian rhythm with the local time.

4. Get Rest During Flight:

Finally, he promotes a proactive approach to sleep during the flight. "Use a sleep mask and noise-canceling headphones, or even consider a mild sleep aid if necessary," Savy suggests, emphasizing the importance of rest during long-haul flights.

While these tips won't completely eliminate jet lag for everyone, they can significantly reduce its impact. Everyone is different and may need to tweak these strategies for maximum effectiveness. "Be patient with yourself and listen to your body and adjust accordingly."

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