Saturday, August 19, 2023

See Singapore at night

Sign at entrance
One of the highlights of our most recent visit to Singapore was an evening ride on the Singapore Flyer. This giant observation wheel provides awesome, unobstructed views of the city. Illuminated night scenes were especially stunning.

We stepped into one of the 28 air-conditioned glass capsules and for almost half an hour were treated fascinating views of the city. From inside the capsule we could see the wheel slowly turning and providing constantly changing 360 degree views. The wheel itself was outlined by changing colored lights, making it stand out against the night sky.
The Flyer rotating

Located in the downtown Marina Bay area, the Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest observation wheel, reaching an overall heights of 541 feet. Each of the 28 capsules can accommodate up to 28 passengers (also will accommodate wheelchairs) with bolted benches for comfortable seating. But most of the time we were on our feet standing close to the full-length windows enjoying scenes of many landmarks.

Larry is inside the capsule,
by the window.

When the wheel opened in 2008, it initially rotated in a counter-clockwise direction, but in 2008 this was reversed on the advice of Feng Shui masters. It was interesting to learn that the number 28 is significant in Feng Shui so it’s fitting that there are 28 cars, and it takes approximately 28 minutes to complete one rotation. Of course, we weren’t aware of that when riding in the wheel, but I’m sure it enhanced our views.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

We saw the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with its iconic ship-like structure topping the three towers. Lights also glowed on the famed garden area and Crystal Pavillions, the colorful stadium, and Art Museum. From our elevated vantage point we saw reflections of buildings sparkling in the water. Even cars streaming on freeways provided interesting, brightly-lit scenes.

Landmarks of Singapore at night

Tickets for a ride on the Singapore Flyer are $33 for non-resident adults and are available for day or night adventures. In addition to the “flight,” there is a restaurant and plentiful colorful displays along the long corridor that visitors must walk to the boarding area. You can take as long as you like to enjoy these displays, which are worth a bit of your time.
Looking out the window at another capsule on the 
Singapore Flyer

As we toured many of Singapore’s landmarks again the next day, we were delighted for having had a magical overview on the night Flyer.

Photos by Larry and Beverly Burmeier



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