Thursday, June 19, 2014

Check out these online travel sites

In case any readers have noticed, I’ve posted an article on my Going on Adventures blog every day so far in June. And I’ll continue daily posts through June 30. The reason for my prolific output? I’m participating in a Blogathon sponsored by Freelance Success, an online writer’s forum.
More than 100 writers have joined the Blogathon, writing about a wide variety of topics according to their particular interests. Here are three additional travel blogs from that group that you might like to check out:

1. Travel Browsing with Deborah Brauser

2. Phoenix Living on the Cheap by Jackie Dishner

3. Time. Travel. Trek by Megan Kopp

I hope you’ve enjoyed the extra articles (I generally post 6-8 a month) and learned more about making your travel experiences as good as possible. Hopefully, my blog gives you new ideas about where and how to travel and inspires you to hit the road (or airplane or ship) as often as feasible for your life situation. Thanks for reading!

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