Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pack these items--wherever you go

Stuffing your suitcase again? Can’t decide what to leave at home (deciding what to take isn’t usually the problem!) Sure, you need clothes suitable for adventures you plan to have and the climate where you’re travelling, but there are certain items that should be on your packing list no matter what your destination. Here are some of my packing essentials:
A fanny pack, backpack, or cross-body handbag that packs reasonably flat in your luggage. Small is good, if it’s large enough to hold a water bottle, guide book, raincoat or light jacket, and a snack.

A flashlight comes in handy for walking around unfamiliar hotel rooms at night or when you find yourself on a dark street after hours.

A sarong can be wet and wrapped around your body to cool your skin and protect you from sunburn. It can also be fashioned into a dress, shirt, skirt, or cover-up for visiting sacred temples. A sarong wrapped around a jacket becomes a makeshift pillow.

Safety pins and paper clips can fix a variety of broken, torn, or sagging items. Carabineers let you carry water bottles, cameras, and other small items hands-free.
Don't forget copies of your passport, insurance (personal and car), and credit cards that you're taking along.

An eye mask and earplugs help block out noise when travelling on airplanes or trains or if your room is on the early-morning delivery truck route.

A wide-brimmed hat or visor and UV blocking sunglasses are necessary to protect face, ears, and eyes from excessive sun (and sunscreen, of course).

Purchase a first aid kit or stock a small bag with supplies including  bandages, cleansing wipes, antibiotic cream, anti-diarrheal, ibuprofen, and any prescription medications that you might need.
For overseas travel, take a universal adapter plug and/or a USB charge port to keep all those electronic devices running, batteries charged--and the curling iron working properly.

Stash a collection of heavy-duty plastic zipper bags in a variety of sizes in your suitcase. Use these to pack items that are pressurized or have questionable caps that might leak. They also come in handy for storing wet or dirty items when it’s time to repack and move on to your nest destination.
Do you have essential items that make travel easier wherever you go?

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Kendra said...

Good post, Beverly...agree with this advice! One thing I personally never leave the house without is my PortaPocket. These hands-free carrying cases are my must have...equally useful for going across the street, or around the world! I wear them daily and haven't carried a traditional purse in almost 7 years (...and don't miss it). FREEDOM is GOOD! :)

Beverly Burmeier said...

I'm not familiar with PortaPocket. Can you describe it or share a link?

Unknown said...

Thank you! I do almost all of it. Flashlight app in phone is great!And, I use zip lock bags generously when packing.What's a PortaPocket? I take tea tree oil with me. Covers everything from bug bites to pimples!