Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tips for women traveling on their own

Women are traveling on their own more often now, but often their motivation for going alone is different from when they travel with friends or family.

When traveling solo women seek to change routines, pamper themselves, and explore new scenes and cultures on their own schedule. Whether single or married with children, women find relaxation and inspiration when they travel alone and feel more refreshed and rested than when traveling with friends or family.
It's easy to get lost in your thoughts when there are no distractions.
Social media allows women to stay connected when they set out on their own. Still, security is a big issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Consider these tips, so you can truly enjoy your “me” time.

Plan your trip well. Research the destination, especially if traveling abroad and you’re seeking adventure. Religious beliefs and culture of a region can directly affect how you dress and interact with locals. If relaxation is your goal, an all-inclusive resort may be the best choice.
Maps or a GPS are invaluable for planning your route in a new area.
Choose your hotel wisely.  Do not accept a room if the hotel staff says your name or room number out loud. Request a room near the elevator, but away from the emergency door, stairs, and any construction work. Be sure the room has a deadbolt and chains. If arriving at the hotel at night, ask if staff will accompany you to your room.

Pack smart.  Pack only what you can handle yourself. Lock suitcases, and put your office address on tags instead of home address. Leave expensive-looking clothes and jewelry at home. Bring a credit card, and stash your cash in multiple places.
Pack lightly--and save room for souvenirs.
Research transportation. Before leaving home, find out what transportation options are available at your destination, especially if you arrive at night. If you rent a car to drive yourself, be familiar with maps and routes you plan to take, so you won’t become a lost tourist. Always travel with your cell phone.

For safety’s sake, use common sense, be alert to your surroundings, and don’t take unnecessary chances. Then have the best vacation ever!
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