Friday, February 16, 2018

Spring travel trends

Destination experts at Ker and Downey, a luxury travel organizer in Katy, Texas, have identified a few locations that appear to be trending for early 2018. These include North America’s national parks, South American destinations such as Argentina and Chile; European gems like the Italian Dolomites as well as Cadiz and Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spain; and a number of locations in Asia such as Bali, Bhutan, China and India.
Temples in Bali

“As we get further into 2018 people are realizing they haven’t finalized their travel plans for the year, and we are starting to see a lot of interest from our clients wondering what they can do to fulfill their wanderlust sooner rather than later,” said Ker & Downey Director of Marketing and Sales Nicky Brandon. “Based on whether someone wants to stay relatively close to home or check off a bucket-list trip half-way around the world, there are a number of locations travelers should be considering this spring based on travel industry trends and the new experiences Ker & Downey is offering,” Brandon adds.

Spring break often means family travel and multi-generational travel as larger family units try to make memories while kids are out of school. American travelers wanting to stay a bit closer to home might consider national parks or Alaska and Hawaii. Those looking for an extra reason to get out and discover their parks this spring need look no further than National Park Week, which begins April 21. If someone wants to discover history as well as spectacular views, Ker & Downey’s “Mid-Atlantic History Tour” sample itinerary includes private tours of the homes of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe.

Vineyards in Chile
If you want to wander south, the beautiful Chilean wine region in the CasablancaWine Valley offers optimal day trips and excursions. Guests have an opportunity to see the vineyard leaves and Patagonia foliage turn to vibrant autumn colors in April (Southern Hemisphere, remember?). Those traveling in March can raise a glass to their health and happiness during the annual wine festival season.

Thrill-seekers can spring into action with an abundance of snowy activities at the ItalianDolomites, famous for its hiking and skiing slopes. After working up an appetite, travelers can experience the area’s delicious cuisine as they taste their way through Bassano del Grappa and Asiago, then sip prosecco from a personal luxury gondola in Venice.

Offering unparalleled relaxation, the tropical beach-strewn paradise of Bali welcomes the ultimate far-flung vacationer. Ideal travel times are April and May, during dry season and before peak tourist season. Customized trips allow visitors to enjoy the Indonesian province’s beaches as well as tour temples and stroll through rice paddy walks at discounted seasonal rates.
Dolomites in Italy

Anyone who loves a good festival or cultural experience should consider visiting Asia this spring. In March, India celebrates the end of winter with street parties, during which everyone throws colored powder and water at each other in the vibrant Holi Festival. Across Southeast Asia, residents of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and southwest China ring in the New Year with the annual Water Festival. Held mid-April across the region, locals splash anyone and everyone, especially tourists, creating a fun and playful atmosphere for any visitor.

The serene, natural beauty of Bhutan blossoms in spring when the indigenous rhododendron flowers are in bloom. The three-day Rhododendron Festival, held April 20-22, 2018, highlights the region’s eco-tourism and celebrates its culture of peace and enlightenment. Combine this experience with a trip to neighboring Nepal and trek through the Himalayan Mountains, most visible during April before monsoon rains begin.

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