Friday, August 17, 2018

Tranquility and views at Fish Tail Lodge in Pokhara, Nepal

After spending several days in Kathmandu, Nepal, touring temples in the UNESCO district (many of which were damaged in an earthquake in 2015) and learning about Stupas, Kumaris, and other Buddhists symbols, Larry and I flew with our guide to Pokhara on a small 10-row Jetstream plane.
FishTail Mountain as seen from Fish Tail Lodge
Soon after take-off glistening snow-covered mountains capture my attention as I gaze outside the plane’s window. The Himalayas and Annapurna Range are among the largest mountains in the world, and the sight is simply spectacular. Peaks pointing straight to heaven sparkle in the sun. Dividing India from its northern neighbor Nepal, these elegant crowning glories provide an almost impenetrable landscape with passes that are scarce and difficult. Perpetually covered with snow, these mountains crown the world as we know it.

Flying over Himalaya Mountains
When it comes into view, I snap photos of Fish Tail Mountain (Machhapuchre), namesake for the lodge where we will stay. Located on a peninsula across from Fewa Lake in a beautiful tourist area, it is only a five-minute drive from the airport. We are shuttled to the resort across the lake on a rope-drawn raft. Views are breathtaking, and it’s easy to see why the Lodge has been included in Patricia Schultz’s book 1000 Places to See Before You Die.
Raft that shuttles guests to Fish Tail Lodge
Built in the late 1960s with unique round cottages that are set amidst a lush garden, rooms are perfect for a romantic getaway or just a tranquil sojourn. The tropical environment is filled with plants and flowers, a spa is available, and our cottage is just a few steps away from the lake and mountain views. Fish Tail Lodge is endowed to the Jayanti Memorial Trust, and all profits generated by the property help promote prevention of cardiac disease and help heart patients.

A resort with a purpose
It was almost noon when we arrived, so we sat on the deck by the lake enjoying a drink and light lunch—a welcome change from the crowded, noisy cities we had visited in India and Nepal.
As testimony to the exclusive service and comfort offered, the Fish Tail Lodge has hosted many world leaders (including President Jimmy Carter), royalty (Prince of Wales), heads of governments (Prince Narihito of Japan) and celebrities. Indeed, a dignitary from Africa arrived with her entourage shortly after we did. Seven military guys with guns took tables on either side of us, so we decided it was time to move on from the outside deck.
Larry and Beverly on the deck overlooking Fewa Lake
Later we returned to enjoy crystal clear reflections of the Annapurna range and Fish Tail Mountain on the lake. Canoes are provided for gentle escapades, either self-rowing or with a guide. Although many people come to Pokhara for relaxation, adventurous travelers find plenty of hiking, hang gliding, and other challenging activities to get their adrenalin flowing.
Beautiful reflections on mountains and city on Fewa Lake
I enjoyed relaxing on the window seat in our room, exploring the property before dinner, and then chilling out for the rest of the day.

Photos by Beverly Burmeier


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