Saturday, August 14, 2021

A photo journey through Zion National Park

Arriving in Zion National Park for our second long visit, my husband Larry and I and our friend Deb couldn’t take our eyes off the massive sandstone cliffs that soared into a brilliant blue sky. Shades of pink, red, cream, and tan gleamed in the sunlight as we began a day of hiking on several easily accessed trails.

15-mile long Zion Canyon is the most prominent feature, 
so look up to see the most amazing formations.

This followed our previous day of hiking The Narrows, a spectacular trek in the Virgin River through deep chasms. After the excitement and challenge of that water hike, we were ready to admire the beauty of Zion from dry land. There are trails for every skill level, including accessible trails.

That’s the beauty of Zion—there’s something for everyone in this national park.

What follows is a selection of photos that showcase a few of the trails in this magnificent national park. 

Reflections on an early morning hike.

Walking the accessible Pa'rus trail, also good for biking.

These mountains make a gorgeous backdrop
for the bridge that crosses the Virgin River.

Rock strata visible on the Emerald Pool Trail,
great for families.

Reflections along the Lower Emerald Pool trail

The Virgin River flows through the park.

Along the River Road trail that leads to
The Narrows

                                     Beverly and Deb tackle the slippery Narrows Trail. 

                                    Walter's Wiggles switchbacks on the trail to Angel's Landing.

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