Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What do women travelers want?

Today’s post is by Stephanie Diamond, a veteran international human resources expert who has lived and worked in several different countries. She’s currently VP Human Capital Management for Global Rescue, a provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services.

Solo women travelers is an increasing sector of the travel industry.

Total solo travel can be refreshing.

Today, 56 percent of leisure travelers are women; and over the past five years, they have steadily held this majority stake. Women make close to 85 percent of all travel decisions: where to go, when to fly, where to stay, what to see. Importantly, women also live longer than men and outnumber them in a crucial travel bracket—retirees—making them an investment that yields greater, and longer, returns.

Find your own way.
The travel and tourism industry has responded with significant growth of women-only tour operators. According to 2020–21 data by Condor Ferries, travel companies dedicated to woman-only customers have increased by 230% over the past few years. 

Sisterhood of the Outdoors has guided hunting and fishing trips to women who love the outdoors. WHOA Travel, a boutique adventure company for women by women, offers adventures on four continents. Women’s Hiking Crew is a hiking community for women. Finatical Flyfishing provides women-only worldwide fly fishing trips, complete with female guides.  

New experiences and making connections

Travel with friends 

The travel experiences women are looking for today focus on learning new activities and reconnecting with nature and people. Many who viewed the 2021 Olympic summer games watched the debut of the female surfing competition and were inspired to learn the sport. It is what 60% of the guests do at Costa Rica’s Kalon Surf, a luxury resort and surf camp. 

“We have built an experience that helps our guests to relax and recharge by learning or improving their surfing in a beautiful, paradise-like setting full of comfort,” said Kjeld Schigt, founder of Kalon.

Mature women enjoy traveling togethr.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you are always traveling as a party of one. Sixty percent of female travelers who sign up for WHOA Travel’s classic adventures — group travel adventure tour with pre-set dates — come solo, meaning they arrive knowing no one. But by the time the program ends, they leave with a new set of friends – and a totally new sense of competence. 

“When you face a challenge, like summiting Africa’s Kilimanjaro or trekking Iceland’s glacial terrain, and have these other women to lift you along the way, it forms an incredible bond that lasts,” said Allison Fleece, who co-founded the woman-focused adventure travel company in 2015 with fellow adventure enthusiast Danielle Thornton.  

Link up with a group.

“It can be intimidating to take the plunge and sign up for these kinds of activities,” Fleece said. “But when you know you’re doing it with like-bodied or similar-in-age women, you’re all the more encouraged and empowered.” 

Self-care, or reconnecting with yourself, is a growing travel goal for women. Imagine staying at a retreat hidden in a 22-acre jungle oasis in Costa Rica. You’re 10 minutes from the beach, steps away from nature paths and a private waterfall and treated to meals crafted by a five-star vegan chef. Pair it with yoga for an amazing experience at the Imiloa Institute. 

Relinking with nature is another priority among female travelers. Saint Brandon is an ideal place for a digital detox. Located to the northeast of Mauritius, Saint Brandon is a paradise-like island country in the Indian Ocean well-suited for anglers, free divers, kite surfers and nature lovers.

Reconnect during travel. 

Unfortunately, women of all ages must contend with certain risks on the road. Solo travel--for women and men--requires some additional precautions. Having a communications device that works under all circumstances and obtaining emergency medical evacuation protection are essential. Completing deep research about your destination will help prevent cultural faux pas. Keeping your family or friends aware of your itinerary with schedule check-in is an important lifeline to help you stay active.

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