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Why you should explore South America at these all-inclusive lodges

If you love natural beauty and adventure and want to explore the best that South America has to offer, check out the travel company called Explora. Every Explora lodge is a haven of luxury and relaxation—the perfect combination for adventures in your chosen destination.

Explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island

Explora is truly an all-inclusive adventure company. A stay in any of the lodges not only includes the best accommodations in the area but also superb meals and snacks, all excursions, a sumptuous pool, bicycles, walking sticks, and much more.

For the third year in a row, Explora has received the award for the World’s Leading Expedition Company at the 2021 World Travel Awards. Additionally, Explora in Peru’s Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu won honors as the World’s Leading Adventure Hotel. More awards include Best South American Expedition Company, Leading Boutique Hotel in Chile (Explora Atacama), Leading Boutique Hotel in Peru (Explora in Sacred Valley), and Leading Resort in Chile (Explora in Torres del Paine).

Explora El Chalten,  Argentina

A special feature of each lodge is that architecture reflects the culture, heritage, and local nature of the incredible place where it is located. Each lodge employs its own knowledgeable guides who lead guests through the territory’s most exceptional touring possibilities—always with a commitment to conservation of these beautiful natural wonders.

Explora Lodge, Patagonia

The newest destination to be served by Explora is El Chalten, Argentina. Located on the north bank of the Electrico River with unrivaled views of the Marconi Glacier and the Electrico Valley, the lodge has 20 rooms and is the perfect base for Argentine and international travelers to discover the wonders of  the Patagonia. It offers over 30 explorations with different levels of difficulty so travelers of all skill levels can visit the main attractions of this part of the world.

Map showing regions where Explora has lodges

A few years ago Larry and I stayed at Explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island and were blown away by the attention to detail and to every guest’s needs. Please click on this link to read more about our experiences at Explora on Easter Island.

Immediately on arrival, activities begin. Then, each afternoon the guides meet with guests to decide on the following day’s activities, keeping in mind interests and abilities of individual travelers. Sometimes we were in a small group; other times Larry and I were the only persons on a specific adventure. The result is a very individualized immersion into remote regions of the world—unforgettable places that are not overrun with tourists.

A visit to see the famous 15 moias on Easter Island
was one of our adventures through the Explora Lodge.

If you have an inquisitive personality and want to travel safely to amazing regions of the world, here is good news: A recent study highlighted Chile as the country best prepared to deal with the Covid virus and its variants. More than 85% of the population has been vaccinated and more than 50 % have received a third booster shot.

Staying at an Explora lodge is not the least expensive way to experience outstanding South American destinations—but considering all that is included, it is among the very best.

Photos by Larry and Beverly Burmeier and free sources




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