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Sleep better when flying

As Covid restrictions lift and countries open their borders more people are traveling and flying again, whether for pleasure or for work. Health expert April Mayer from Amerisleep, shares tips from frequent and experienced travelers on how to sleep better in the sky.

Do I need a flight pillow?

A popular neck pillow for sleeping

Investing in a decent neck support pillow for flying can help stop any neck pain as it will properly support your neck. It will also help you sleep because you won’t fidget so much trying to get your head comfortable. You may also find an eye mask useful to block light exposure, especially if you are unable to get a window seat and have control of the blind.

How should I buckle my seat belt?

Not the most restful position for sleep

The idea is that you should buckle your seatbelt over your blanket instead of under it, so flight attendants can see you are wearing it and won’t need to wake you in case of turbulence. This will also pad the buckle so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable and awkward as you sleep.

What clothes should I wear?

It’s very important to wear something comfortable and not too restrictive or stiff, such as tight jeans. Layers are important because you can feel cold after time on a long-haul flight. You also have the option of removing layers if you get too warm.

A window seat gives support
 for sleep

How and where should I sit?

Some people prefer a window so they can lean on the window for support when sleeping and be in control of light exposure. It’s a good idea to not cross your legs either, as this can reduce blood flow in your legs and make you susceptible to blood clots or being in pain when you wake up. Reclining your chair puts less pressure on your lower spine ensuring a better night’s sleep.

What should I eat?

Try not to overindulge before a flight or during the first hour or two of an overseas flight.  Consume something light, so you’re not bloated. You’ll doze off more easily and avoid being kept awake by feeling too full.

Headphones, window sea, and
neck pillow--he's ready to sleep.

What should I listen to?

Find a relaxing podcast and listen to it several times before bed in preparation for your flight. This way you will be familiar with it and associate it with sleep. Noise-cancelling headphones will also help you get undisturbed rest.

What can I take to help me sleep?

Our experts suggest taking a dose of magnesium before take-off. It’s a natural supplement that will help you rest easy.

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