Monday, November 28, 2022

Best scenic drive at the Grand Canyon's south rim

One of the highlights of a visit to the Grand Canyon is following the Desert View Drive, which runs along the canyon rim for 23 miles. This is the only scenic drive open to private cars on the South Rim. With one breathtaking overlook and pull-out after another, this portion of SR 64 offers some of the most stunning panoramas of the canyon.

The majestic Grand Canyon!

Print out a guide which provides mile markers for each noteworthy stop. There is parking at every viewpoint; just be sure to allow plenty of time (at least two hours) to appreciate the marvelous scenery. 

Here is a visual tour of our journey:

Pipe Creek Vista at mile marker 242.5 is the first pullout from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Colorful rock formations at Pipe Creek Vista

Duck on a Rock at mile marker 246 is the next canyon viewpoint after Pipe Creek. Visitors have imagined formations like castles and temples in the rocks. Do you see a duck?
People see different things in the Grand Canyon formations.

Grandview Point, a popular viewpoint at mile marker 251, offers panoramic views of Grand Canyon from east to west, including several bends of the Colorado River to the east.

The Colorado River sneaks into view.

Incredibly beautiful formations take shape at Grandview Point.

Moran Point, at mile marker 258, highlights three main rock groups of the Grand Canyon—Layered Paleozoic sedimentary rocks, Grand Canyon Supergroup, and Basement Rocks (oldest at the canyon).

A variety of rock groups make up the Grand Canyon.

Lipan Point, at mile marker 263.5, offers views of Hance whitewater rapid; Unkar Delta, home of ancestral Puebloan people; and the Supergroup, a unique rock strata that is visible from only a few places on the South Rim.

There are many whitewater rapids on the Colorado River.

Desert View,
mile marker 264.5. From the Point you have excellent views of the Colorado River as it makes a big bend to the west.

The Colorado River winds among the walls of the Grand Canyon.

Photos by Larry and Beverly Burmeier

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