Monday, November 14, 2022

Travelers are staying longer and spending more

 According to several global tour companies that service thousands of travelers, TrafalgarBrendan Vacations and Insight Vacations, travelers are spending more and traveling more compared to pre-pandemic times.

Beautiful Ireland

The tour companies report a surge in spending (no, it’s not from inflation ) which is up over 20 percent compared to 2019. Travelers are also staying longer, with more than a 35 percent increase in people traveling for three weeks or longer.  This reflects a desire to embrace the trend of slow travel. The pent up demand is translating to travelers seizing the opportunity to splurge on trips they’ve been dreaming about and using those PTO days and retirement funds to stay longer and delve into the core of a destination and its culture.

Countryside of Ireland--40 shades of green

Travelers are increasingly shifting their interests towards longer trips where they can leisurely explore a destination at their own pace. There’s a clear demand for more in-depth and cultural travel experiences that give travelers the opportunity to take time to learn, explore and feel at ease outside of their everyday lives. This insight encourages us to keep offering our guests the travel opportunities that they crave.” says Melissa DaSilva, President of Trafalgar, Brendan Vacations and Insight Vacations, North America.

Lake Orta in northern Italy

Trafalgar, a global guided vacation company, reports that travelers are eager to get back to Italy, splurging on longer trips to more deeply immerse themselves in the destination. Trafalgar’s Best of Italy, a 13-day adventure is currently the most booked trip for this year and next. On this trip, guests travel almost the entire length of the country—as far north as Lake Como and as far south as Sorrento.
Bellagio on Lake Como

Travelers continue to spend more to get the most out of their time across the pond. For Celtic tour company, Brendan Vacations, the 15-day classic Best of Ireland and Scotland is the most popular trip. Guests can explore the highlights of both countries plus Northern Ireland in one trip hitting all the iconic cities including Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow and more. Brendan Vacations also makes it possible to travel with a private chauffeur or via locally
hosted rail in addition to their guided trips.

Unmistakably Scottish

Insight Vacations’ Best of Spain & Portugal is up 600% from 2019, as travelers flock to the cultural wine regions. The 15-day trip around the Iberian Peninsula brings travelers on an all-encompassing tour of Spain and Portugal with a visit to an art museum with art historians in Madrid, a dance lesson at a school that teaches and conserves flamenco dancing in Seville, wine tasting in Porto, and more.

Charming Lisbon, Portugal

Trafalgar, Brendan Vacations and Insight Vacations primarily service the 55+ demographic as well as solo travelers and multi-generational family travelers.

 I have no connection to any of the companies mentioned. Photos are from Burmeier's travels.

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